Fun palace at Sydenham Community Library 6th and 7th October

All free activities. Something for (nearly) everyone On Saturday 6th:-

Children’s crafts 11.45-2pm  Adults’ crafts 1-3pm    Podcasting interviews 11-5pm

Interactive digital demos with Code Club 12-2pm

Balloon workshop with glitter and helium 2 – 4pm  African dance workshop 3-4pm

Children’s creative writing with illustrator, develop a character, write a story together 4- 5pm

Sunday 7th – Philosopy escape room. Solve puzzles and clues. 11.30-12.30pm

Animation workshop – bring a tablet or smartphone and create an animation 12-2

Virtual beehive 1pm onwards

Adults’ crafts – jewellery 1-3pm

Balloon workshop with glitter and helium 2 – 4pm

Police horses in Home Park 2 – 4pm







11th September, 7.30 for 7.45. Teams of four to six, or come and join a scratch team.  Test yourself against the Librarians, the Bridge Club, the Sydenham Society  and other erudite locals. £2 per person entry. Refreshments available.  To book a table, mail Pat Trembath or Steve Myleson or Book early as places are limited. Proceeds to the Friends of the Library

Summer Reading Challenge

by Saturday, 107 children aged between 4 and 12  had signed on for the Summer Reading Challenge at the library. They read six library books, tell us about them, and get small prizes for each book they read.  If they complete all six, they get a medal and a certificate.  Reading helps to support their learning in the next term, and beyond.  They must join the library first, but that’s easy – a parent, grandparent or carer can help them enrol . Get them reading, and rainy days will never be the same.