we have launched the campaign to save the library in Sydenham which is threatened with closure. This is a well loved and valuable local resource. We believe it deserves to stay open to continue to serve the local community as it has since 1904.

Why is closure proposed?

• The Government says Lewisham Council must cut £60million from its budget over the next 3 years.

• One of Lewisham’s proposals is to close 5 local libraries, including Sydenham.

• The 5 libraries have been targeted because the buildings are  in a poor condition and the Council can cut staff.

• Library cuts would save the Council £850,000.

Have your say!

• Sydenham Library is situated on the border of three local wards: Sydenham, Bellingham and Perry Vale. Have your say by attending the following Assembly meetings:

• Sydenham Asssembly: Saturday, 11 September at the Grove Centre, Jews Walk, SE26, 11-1pm.

• Perry Vale Assembly: Saturday, 18 September, at Rockbourne Youth Club, 41a Rockbourne Road, SE23 11-1 pm.

• Local meeting – details to come!!


You can follow us on Twitter here:

Is you make any comments, please do so on the petition above (or both!).

Thankyou. Remember, if they shut the library, it’s gone. Forever.


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