10 Reasons to Save Sydenham Library

1. Sydenham Library has good visitor numbers in line with other libraries in the borough of Lewisham.

2. Visitor numbers at Sydenham Library are currently rising.

3. Closing Sydenham Library would be a major setback in the community’s effort to regenerate Home Park and the local area. Recent improvements to the park have cost over £60,000 and have come about largely as a result of the vision and energy of the Friends of Home Park. Alongside these improvements there is the refurbished adventure playground, a separate initiative by Lewisham Youth Services.

4. Sydenham Library is much loved and well used receiving regular visits from local schools, nurseries and community-based groups.

5. If Sydenham Library closes the nearest alternative facilities would be Catford, Forest Hill or Downham, leaving the whole of SE26 without a library.

6. Lower Sydenham is an area with a number of development sites which will bring many new families into the area.

7. Sydenham Library has a long and proud history. It was established in 1904, from money gifted by the great philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

8. A library “point” at the Naborhood Centre with a skeleton service and a small number of books is not an adequate replacement for the current library.

9. Closing Sydenham Library will save approximately £30,000 per year in staff costs. This saving would soon be far outweighed by the social costs of leaving Sydenham without its library – a building which is at the hub of the Home Park community.

10. Sydenham Library has been neglected for many years. Lack of maintenance has left the building in need of repairs. But why should Sydenham Library be closed when other libraries in the borough have been refurbished?

For links to all aspects of the campaign online please visit: www.sydlib.com


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