Yep, Sydenham library is 106 years old today.

It has served the community through the collapse of the British Empire, Lenin, WW1, the invention of the tank, the Model T Ford, the rise of Hitler, The fire at the Reichstag, the fire at the Crystal Palace, the great depression, WW2, the v1 and v2 bombers that destroyed everything surrounding it, the development of the nuclear bomb, the rocket engine, the rise of the car, the birth of the Labour Party, the birth of the National Health Service, the United Nations, Gone with the wind, The death of Churchill and Ghandi, the abdication of King George, the coronation of Elizabeth II, the rise of the British car industry, The 4 minute mile, James Bond, Our Man Flint, the assassination fo JFK, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, the cold war, Korea war, Vietnam war, Suez war, Falklands war, Kuwaiti war, Iraq war, Star Wars, the the rise of Hollywood, cinema, television, Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pol Pot, Idi Armin, General Franco, Sgt Peppers, the Berlin wall, The mini skirt, the mini car, going into space, landing on the moon, boil in the bag rice, Tesco, the EU, the oil crisis, the 3 day working week, flares, the fall of the British car industry, the rise of the Japanese car industry, brutalist architecture, the South Bank, The Munich Olympics, the 1966 World Cup, The removal of the front entrance to the library, the winter of discontent, Margaret Thatcher, abolition of the GLC, the Miners strike, the fall of Communism, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the removal of the original shop fronts in Sydenham Road, Raleigh Grifters, the National Lottery, sharks in art galleries, the Tate, Apples, Acorns, ZX81’s, BBC micros, the internet, the demolition of the Childrens hospital and Bell Green gasworks buildings, Sainsbury’s supercentre, Tony Blair, Steve Bullock, Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code, countless roadworks, Friends of Home Park and the improvements on the libraries doorstep and threatened closure.

All of these things you can find out about in the library in books or via the free internet access.

Happy birthday Sydenham library.

U P D A T E !

Come along and celebrate at the Sydenham Library tea party on Saturday 25th September outside the library from 11am.

Revellers will be bringing tea and cake, and aiming to celebrate many more birthdays in the future!

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