A still from the video below showing the Library well used by Mums and Children.

Library closures feared

6.44PM   Tue Sep 28 2010

“As the country braces itself for the painful truth about budget cuts – London Tonight is focusing its attention on where the axe will fall first. And this evening, it’s local libraries that could face the chop. The Mayor of Lewisham has told London Tonight it’s not ideal to close libraries in his borough – in fact five could go, but he says cuts have to be made somewhere.”

By: Rags Martel, text from London Tonight website.

More images below.

This campaign is about young guys like this.

If the library is this busy, how overcrowded will others be if 5 out of 12 will be shut?

Cllr Liam Curran, fighting to save Sydenham library.

Sir Steve Bullock, not too busy this time now the cameras are out! Difficult decisions to be made. We hope he makes the right one. “It’s not ideal to close libraries” he says. Too right!

Support from Michael Rosen, author and former Children’s Laureate. “We created libraries so poor people could have access to books and wisdom and knowledge…”


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