A further update to let you know about the very successful Carnival March held last Saturday when about 300 people joined a good natured procession from Crofton Park Library to Catford Town Hall to protest against the threatened closure of five libraries across the borough.
Police allowed us to march in the road so apologies to anyone who got held up on the South Circular, but it was all in a good cause!

Joan Ruddock MP and Heidi Alexander MP addressed the assembled crowd before the “off” declaring their support for the campaign, which was most welcome. The procession stretched back from the Town Hall to under the bridge at Catford, the biggest demonstration in Lewisham in living memory, so we are told.

Thanks to all who came along to swell the throng.  Keep an eye open for local press coverage and check pictures on
The Save Sydenham Library campaign petition has reached 5093 in number and we have achieved the target we set, although we have still another two weeks to collect up any stray signatures. The total number of signatures on petitions across the borough now totals in excess of 20000 – equalling 10% of the electorate.


The next big date in the campaign calendar is the Town Hall meeting on Wednesday 17 November at 6 pm when the second part of the campaign petition will be handed to the Mayor – the first part of the 5-library campaign petitions with 13000 signatures was presented on September 23.  On November 17 we really want as many people to attend as possible –  we realise that it is early evening, and not that convenient, but we hope that everyone will try to be there to  show solidarity with the firm message – HANDS OFF OUR LIBRARIES!


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