Dub reggae and Lewisham library campaigners in joint protest

From Newshopper:

PROTESTORS dreading the ‘extinction’ of five Lewisham libraries have enlisted the help of ‘Middle Class Dub’.

A song entitled “We Love Libraries” has been adopted as an unofficial anthem by the libraries’ supporters.

Crofton Park, Blackheath Village, Sydenham, Grove Park and New Cross libraries all face closure as part of Lewisham Council’s planned £87m cuts over the next three years.

Songwriters The Suburban Pirate, will be performing the piece at each location on February 5, when campaigners take part in a national read-in.

The pair, also known as Sly and Reggie, say their music is ‘Middle Class Dub’ – a mixture of dub and reggae.

Reggie, 45, said: “It’s an initiative that we thought would be worth taking up. It fits our mantra of making satirical music about the frustrations people have against the system.

“We are happy to be able to help and provide something extra to the campaign.”

They will be touring the libraries in their Morris Minor, using its public address system to play the music.

Friends of Manor House Library chairman, Peter Richardson who is campaigning against the closures, said: “We feel that the lyrics really sum up the message and the song will help to push our campaign line.

“It’s something catchy that will stick in people’s minds and hopefully help save the libraries.”

To find out more about The Suburban Pirate visit thesuburbanpirate.com

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: http://www.newsshopper.co.uk/news/8817662.LEWISHAM__Dub_reggae_and_library_campaigners_in_joint_protest/


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