Come and join in our day celebration in honour of Sydenham Library

Highlights include:

11.30 Rhyme Time.

12.00 A reading from Baroness Mary Warnock.

12.15 Local poet and author Chrissie Gittins will be reading her poem ‘Longing to be Heard’ in honour of Sydenham Library.

12.25 Jim Helmore & Karen Hall, authors of ‘Stripy Horse’ to read an excerpt from one of their books.

12.35 Local author Julie Day will read from her book ‘Rosie and the Sick School’.

12.45 Guardian columnist Lucy Mangan to read an excerpt from her book ‘Hopscotch & Handbags’.

13.00 Balloon release outside the library.

There will also be an appearance by dub group Sly and Reggie performing their song ‘We Love Libraries’.

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Grove Park is from 2-3pm

Crofton Park: 11.30 – 13.00pm

Blackheath Village library 2-4 pm

New Cross 3-4pm

Good luck to all the other Read-in’s.


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