Public Meeting – Wednesday, 29 June at Sydenham Library 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Darren Taylor of Eco-Computer Systems invites all those interested in the future of Sydenham Library to a Public Meeting on Thursday 29 June.  He is happy to share his future plans for the library and answer any questions the local community may have.

On the Agenda will be the decision about what to call the library – Sydenham Library or Sydenham Community Library.  It is also hoped that a “Friends of Sydenham (Community) Library” group will be formed from which representatives, with the required skills, will join the Management Board to help take forward this new venture.

Darren would like to meet anyone interested in volunteering to help run the library.  If you are interested but cannot come along on 29 June please contact Darren

 Information items: 

In partnership with Sydenham Arts Festival the Friends of Home Park will be holding an Arts in the Park Family Fun Day on Sunday 3 July.  
Brochures giving details of all the events taking place during the Sydenham Arts Festival, 1 – 17 July, can be found in Sydenham and Forest Hill Libraries and local cafes and pubs throughout the SE26 and SE23 areas.


5 thoughts on “Public Meeting – Wednesday, 29 June at Sydenham Library 7.30pm – 8.30pm

  1. Thankyou for this – I’m very much looking forward to hearing the outcome of the meeting …… I’m in the Save Kilyleagh Library Campaign. The decision on the future of our library has been deferred until September (it was meant to be this month) so we’re looking postively on that. All the very best to Sydenham ….

    1. Hi Joanne,
      I hope you are well. We have been busy with one thing or another!
      The council no longer runs the library, a not for profit company has taken over called Eco Computers (they recycle old computers and give 30% of them to the community) . The guy who runs it is a nice bloke and I personally wish him every success. He’s taking on a lot. The meeting will tell us more about their plans for the library and help decide a name.

      All the best

      1. Hi Lee – so did this business buy the building? or how does that work ?
        We’re looking at possible private ownership since Libraries NI don’t own our library building …. but for some reason that makes me nervous – I don’t know about these things but I just want what’s best for the community. Tthere don’t seem to be a plentiful supply of philantropists around these parts ….

  2. Just to confirm the meeting will be held on the wednesday not thursday and also I’m presuming the meeting is in the library itself?

    Thank you, I’m looking forward to the meeting.

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