Sunday 13th November from 12 pm till 3pm (it’s Remembrance Sunday so we are starting a little later).
Sunday December 4th, from 10pm till 3pm.

Despite its leaky roof (we’ve really benefitted from this year’s drought), the library continues to be well used, and to enrol new users.  However, it is still in need of some sorting out.  It has already hosted a conference on urban design, and two planning meetings, and will host the Sydenham Assembly on 29th November.

So we are holding a library work day, on Sunday 13th November, with the aim of re-organising some of the office space, and moving some of the bookshelves back to create a meeting space.

The workday will not start until 12 pm, as this is Remembrance Sunday, and will continue till about 3pm. We aim to hold a further workday on Sunday December 4th,running from 10pm till 3pm.

Please tell your friends, and come along if you can, for all or part of the time.  Wear old clothes and stout shoes, and bring work gloves. Not all the work is strenuous – it could include wiping bookshelves, and moving small trolleys of books.

Sandwiches, coffee and tea will be provided.

The next meeting of the Friends of Sydenham Community  Library is on  Tuesday 6th December, at Sydenham Library, 7.30-9pm.

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