Sydenham Community Library are holding another work day on Sunday 13th January, from 11am-4pm.

Please do come for as much or as little of the time as you can. Ring the bell outside the staff entrance, off Sydenham Road.

Wear old clothes, and plenty of them.  Although it would be nice to rub down and polyfilla some of the walls, the major need at the moment is for tidying and sorting out,and putting the book stock into order, also for removing the last of the leaves. We will have a limited supply of sandwiches and beverages for those who are there over lunchtime.

As well as provding core library services Sydenham Community Libray also host a great range of activies and events throughout the year. The volunteers working with the paid staff help with the day to day running of the library. The volunteers are integral to the delivery of many of these events and activites. The volunteers are grateful for any addtional support the community can provide.

If you are interetsed in voulunteering at the Sydenham Community Library please contact
Sydenham Community Library,
Sydenham Road 
SE26 5SE
Tel: 020 8778 1753
Chrissy Masters Library Manager
Opening hours:
Monday 9.30am-5pm
Tuesday 9.30am-7pm
Wednesday closed
Thursday 9.30am-7pm
Friday closed
Saturday 9.30am-5pm
Sunday closed

 Many Thanks 


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